Land Managment and Consulting

Remington Ranch Management is a Texas-based ranching enterprise dedicated to helping the ranch owner improve the utilization of all ranch resources. We can help the established ranch owner improve existing profitability or assist a new ranch owner in learning the different ways to leverage their skills/resources to avoid the inevitable pitfalls in ranch management. We offer many services to the new buyer before they sign their contract where we can evaluate the land, resources, etc. to make sure the purchase will fit their needs.

Although we are not real estate appraisers, we can make an assessment of the potential of the ranch you are looking to buy. The time to avoid costly mistakes and setbacks is before you purchase your ranch. Your ranching experience will prove much more enjoyable if you know exactly what you are buying and how that ranch will fit into your needs! The services of Remington Ranch Management will help guide you toward an enjoyable ranching experience.

The Remington family has been involved in cattle ranching, Cutting horse operations, farming, oil and gas operations and real estate since settling in Young County in 1890. We will do a complete evaluation of the ranch to include looking at the historic use of the ranch, evaluating the topography, looking at the current pasture and range conditions, forage production, current or future livestock capacity and evaluate any current or future equipment needs. We can advise/oversee the construction of fencing, barn construction/remodeling, pond construction, irrigation needs, etc.

The next level of service would include advising and/or hiring employees for positions on your ranch. We will review resumes, interview potential candidates and check references. This level would also include advising on livestock purchases, herd health and nutrition and setting up an efficient calving system. Our many years in the horse business will allow Remington to help you find good young and well broke horses for working around your ranch as well as just enjoy riding.

Another part of ranch ownership is dealing with the energy companies and interfacing with the mineral rights owner. Remington Ranch Management has been dealing with these issues for its own ranch and others for years. We can help guide you through what seems like an un-level playing field in this area. We will gladly meet with you and/or your ranch foreman periodically to discuss current and future projects.

Both levels of service are billed hourly.